Frequently Asked Questions




How does your staging work?

  • We offer custom staging plans for both occupied and vacant homes. We start by talking to you about your home and getting some basic information from you and photos if possible. From there, we develop a customized staging recommendation based on your home’s needs. If you choose to move forward, then the next step is either a home visit if needed or (depending on the home’s unique situation) for us to start planning the details of the staging! Learn more about our Process here.

Do you stage every room?

  • Typically, we do not stage every room in the house. We can, but we have found that the staging can still be highly effective by focusing on the main areas of a home that buyers will spend the most time in, everything seen when walking in, and any potential problem areas or unique feature areas that we recommend highlighting. We do stage full houses regularly though, for builders and clients that really want their home to be showcased at it’s maximum potential to captivate buyers throughout their entire tour of the home. So if this is something you’re interested in, just let us know. Since our services are customizable, we can do whatever will fit you and your home the best!

CAN you JUST STAGE 1 Room?

  • We don’t find vignette staging or single room staging to be cost effective for our clients, so it is not something we offer anymore. We promise you’ll get a much higher return on a standard staging (even if we did offer this). We are sorry for any inconvenience - we just want to be sure to provide services that will we know will benefit our clients.

How does your Pricing work?

  • Our staging packages start with an initial fee which includes all of the behind the scenes work, recommendations, selections, planning, installation, and also 2 months rental. After 2 months, a month-to-month rental period begins and can be canceled at anytime.

Can I just have you stage for photos?

  • We can, but we don’t recommend it. The pricing won’t be drastically different because the same amount of work goes into a staging, regardless of how long it’s in place for, so you might as well take full advantage of the staging and leave it in place for buyers to see as well! More importantly though, is that while your photos will be great, your buyers may feel disappointed when they enter the home and it is empty. Buyers expect to walk into what they see online, and the cost of that not conveying can be them feeling disappointed and not having any connection to the home when there in person. For more on this, check out this blog!

I’m not selling my house - but can you still help me?

  • Of course we can! We love working with homeowners that are living in their homes. Whether it’s completely furnishing it top to bottom, or redesigning a single room using what you already own… we are here to figure out what you’re goals are and help make them happen!

Can you help with finishes, Fixtures and remodel recommendations?

  • We work with builders, investors and homeowners all the time helping them pick out the finishes and fixtures for their new home or remodel! From floors, plumbing, wall colors, shingles, siding, lighting, countertops… you name it and we’ve got you covered! If you’re working with a builder on a new home, we can meet you at your design center appointments and help alleviate a lot of the stress and feeling of being overwhelmed by options. Our process helps you make selections in an organized way that will ensure your home looks cohesive throughout and allows you to be confident in your decisions!

I have a realtor or don’t need one

  • That’s awesome! We have always been an independent staging company and work with Realtors and builders from all companies! If you’re already working with someone, we’ll reach out and introduce ourselves and let them know our plan so that together, we can bring you the best possible results from your sale!

What is your sister company about ?

  • Our sister company, Full Circle Real Estate, was created in 2016 to offer a more comprehensive approach to the entire real estate process for people that don’t already have that side of things in place. If you’re interested in how this works, check them out and contact us to learn more!

    Again, there is no pressure there though, so if you simply want staging and already have the real estate side in place, that’s what we’re here for!


Why is everything on sale?

  • The majority of the items you see on our site have been used in staged homes. These homes have never been lived in, so the products aren't used in that capacity. However, they often have some imperfections due to wear and tear from being moved around. A good comparison is to think of them as samples or floor models from a traditional retail store. Because of this, almost all items, even those that are free from damage or defect are 15% - 40% off, what a bargain! You'll find that some pieces are even more deeply discounted (at least 40% off) to reflect additional dents and dings that may be present. Feel free to inquire about a piece specifically if you have additional questions about its condition.

How do i get items that I purchase?

  • Come and get em! Once you've made your purchase online, we'll contact you to set a time for you to pick it up from our shop. You will be able to inspect the item at the time of pick-up. Everything is sold as-is and no returns will be accepted after the item leaves our store. For larger pieces, we recommend that you still come in to inspect the item and give it the "ok" but from there, we can coordinate to have the piece delivered to your home if needed (additional fees apply).

Where do you get your inventory?

  • All of our inventory is purchased new, no yard sale items here! We source items from all over the country and throughout the world. Sometimes, it's possible for us to re-order pieces so be sure to ask if you'd like 6 of something we only have 4 of and we'd be happy to try and accommodate you.

I'm looking for something specific, can you help?

  • Yes! Our shops continuously change since our homes sell so quickly! The staging is customized for each home's unique characteristics, so each shop will have a different style and price point of furnishings and decor. We can also custom order pieces for you if you're looking for something specific that we don't have in our inventory----from one lamp to an entire house full of furniture, just let us know!

When are you open?

  • Due to the nature of the staging and real estate industries, we are often out of the office. If you just stop by, you're likely to miss us and we don't want you to be disappointed. So, please fill out the contact form or give us a call 910.251.7711 to schedule an appointment.